About us

Who we are

  • Our Mission

    Xodentech was incorporated in October of 2003 to serve the municipal natural gas distribution market. Xodentech Staff offers unheard of training, support, guidance and state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Covering the Midwest, we are mobile/responsive to any emergency distribution needs your company may have. With our manufacturing capabilities and connections, there is nothing we can’t get or prepare for you.

  • Our Vision

    Xodentech our mission is to establish a new level of commitment between supplier and end user. Xodentech will dedicate it's personnel to providing unmatched service, sales and support for all product which we identify with and sale to our customer.

  • Our Focus

    Our team of experts in electronic manufacturing is known for its operational excellence and we work collaboratively to design and implement tailored supply chains to each customer’s individual needs to bring flexibility and speed to meet demanding deadlines.